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Inductohm Technologies Pvt Ltd, is promoted by team of engineers with more than 50 years of cumulative experience in induction field. The promotors were earlier employed with leading international induction heating company. The other co-promotors have also been in induction business with rich experience in Power Electronics, controls technology for induction, manufacture and servicing and sales of induction heating machines.

Inductohm Technologies team of Engineers and Technicians come from varied backgrounds in the induction heating industry, and are also well trained in the field of Power Electronics and in its application to Induction Heating.

Nature of Business: OEM of Induction Heating Machines
Year of Establishment: 2021

Inductohm Technologies products are based on the latest developments in Power - converter technology. We employ five different circuit topologies using IGBTs/MOSFETs/SiC, each with its own unique merits.

Inductohm Technologies facilities include a fully equipped laboratory for Testing and Product Development, and we are one of the very few companies who closely work with enthusiastic customers who look for innovative solutions to their Industrial Heating Problems using induction technologies.

Inductohm Technologies has a wide range of application knowledge, such as in Induction heat treating of Automotive parts, Induction mass heating for forging, Induction heating for bonding & drying, Induction brazing, Induction heating shrink-fitting, Induction melting, heat sealing, etc.